Balali Law is beautifully situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. The Law Office of Mark Balali Esq., serves the people of Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area, with the best and most straight-forward Los Angeles Personal Injury Law legal representation around. We specialize in the practice areas of civil rights cases, catastrophic-personal injury cases and criminal law.

Our goal is to provide clear, concise and aggressive legal representation so that our clients receive the very best in legal counseling and the highest amount possible in damages awarded. We don’t rest until we recover the compensation you and your family needs to recover.


We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively with clients and to ensure that their needs are met to the highest standards. As a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, Mark Balali Esq. deals exclusively with representing clients seeking due compensation and fair legal representation for injuries sustained in personal injury  accidents, criminal offenses and family matters.

It is our personal guarantee, that we will fight aggressively to get you the compensation and legal outcome you deserve! Trust is an essential part of our work and we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you have an attorney with the experience and skills necessary to fight for you non stop. Mark Balali Esq. is a rising talent in the  personal injury law world and being centrally located in Los Angeles, makes this firm easy for Angelenos to contact and see.

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At Balali Law, we don’t see clients as another drop in the bucket. From day one, we strive to build a strong attorney-client relationship, so that mutual trust is developed. While there are no guarantees in the amount of compensation, or case outcome, we do guarantee that we will aggressively fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Balali Law isn’t just a name, it’s a guarantee that you will receive legal representation that gets the job done! Our reputation is very important to us and the Balali Law name is our endorsement of quality. Rest assured, our conduct and legal expertise will always be on point and you’ll never feel like you’re being left in the dark.

Injuries sustained in a catastrophic accident can be life changing and hard not just on you, but your family as well. Knowing that you can be compensated for your pain and suffering is integral to being able to recover from physical, psychological and personal trauma.

Losing work and your livelihood, just isn’t an option, but contacting a trusted Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney to support you and help get you back on your feet! Balali Law can help you regain what you’ve lost and the only work you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule a meeting.

Time is of the essence, so don’t wait around hoping for things to get better on their own, contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney at Balali Law. Call now: (310) 431-9774 for a FREE consultation. You can also reach us online, or via social media

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