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The Law Office of Mark Balali is dedicated to providing justice for all those who need it most. Our firm is a guided hand on the shoulders of those persecuted by the injustices of others. We serve victims of police brutality, excessive force, discrimination, negligence and abuse of power. It is our mission to represent the disenfranchised and  provide the right legal services with aggressive and fair legal representation.


The police can use what is called reasonable physical force to apprehend and subdue suspects deemed as a threat. This however, can turn from a simple submission and seizure, to an eruption of violence and violation of the victims civil rights by excessive force applied by overzealous police. Balali Law represents the victims of police brutality and those who have succumbed to the willful intimidation and pain caused by police officers breaking their own oath, to serve and protect.


  • Police Batons (Sticks)-  Were proper police procedures followed before resorting to using the baton? Did the police officer(s) strike the victim in the head and if so, was it continuous? Did they break, or fracture any bones while beating the victim and did they exercise restraint and stop?


  • Tasers- This is a relatively new police tactic and is supposed to be non-lethal. However, excessive use and prolonged exposure to the powerful electrical charge administered can cause heart failure and cardiac arrest. Did the officer continue to use the taser after the victim was subdued and calmed down?  Did the officer ignore warning signs given by the victim that they are in critical danger? Were tasers  used after hand cuffs were put on?


  • Pepper Spray- Much like tasers, this is supposed to be a lethal alternative to gunfire. While it only provides temporary loss of vision, it can cause serious problems when sprayed continuously and without restraint. Ask yourself the same questions regarding why it was used and for how long.


  • Choke Holds, Punches, Kicks, oh my!- Some hand to hand combative techniques are not allowed by certain police departments and often times these rules are ignored. Was the use of hand to hand force technically legal? Did the officer need to resort to such tactics, or was the officer provoked?


  • Hand Guns- The average police officer will go 20+ years without ever having to resort to using their hand gun. Doing so is reserved for situations where the officers life is in critical danger and the suspect is clearly carrying a gun, or weapon of equal severity. Too often police officers with an itchy trigger finger have broken their rules and engaged suspects with their side arms and killed unarmed victims in the process.

We are here to help you retain your civil rights and provide you with the legal guidance necessary to fight a battle that may seem hopeless. You are not alone and your civil rights are our main focus. As an American citizen, no one should ever violate, or ignore your civil rights.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of discrimination, police brutality and excessive force, or any kind of civil rights violations, contact the Law Office of Mark Balali NOW! Call:         (310) 431-9774 or contact us online and a via social media.  

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