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The dissolution and eventual breaking apart of a marriage is a tough pill to swallow for many domestic partners. It is the culmination of a lot of pain and anger of a period of time and involves issues that can only be addressed through your own welfare.

You must think about all the factors leading to how the prospect of divorce can affect your entire life. It never affects just one in the process. It is absolutely imperative that you take the process seriously, or you could lose out on anything you may be entitled to.

Choosing the right Los Angeles Divorce Attorney is the best way to ensure you are covered from all ends. Balali Law understands the complex intricacies that come with divorce law and we have the experience necessary to handle issues such as: child custody, child support and division of property assets.


Many people believe that divorce is simple and easily taken care of with a signature on paper, but in reality, divorce is very complicated and can get messy fast. If not pursued properly, you could get a raw deal in the process. A Los Angeles based divorce demands high attention to detail from your attorney in order to secure the best possible outcome for everyone involved. That’s why it is highly recommended to consult with Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys only and to speak with one that can best communicate with you and understand your needs.

At the Law Office of Mark Balali Esq., we practice Family Law and offer the kind of commitment needed, so our clients are at ease during this time of difficulty. It’s a balancing act that requires understanding and care. Divorce is an ugly thing and can be highly nerve-racking and stressful. Even without child custody, or support claims, the divorce process can have significant mental and physical strain on the clients.

Balali Law is here to help guide you through the difficult and often confusing process. With our experience comes the right amount of knowledge and advice we can use to help get you over this hurdle. Balali Law takes your well being to heart and we aren’t satisfied until we get the best outcome for all involved.


Divorce law varies and here in California it is very serious business and not to be taken lightly. Understanding the process and choosing the right attorney is crucial to satisfaction. We can not stress enough how choosing the best Los Angeles divorce attorney is needed to operate the mine fields of divorce according to California Law.

Main Issues Following Divorce:

▪    The Division of Community Property, Debt Issues and Business Prospects.

▪    Family Homes, Vacation Properties, Time Shares and other property.

▪   Child Custody

▪   Child Support

▪   Visitation Rights

▪   Alimony – Spouse Support

▪   Prenuptial Agreements

In the State of California, any and all assets gained during marriage, by any spouse is considered community property. Before the division of your property, or property settlement is concluded, it is paramount that all your assets are located and identified.

What is Contested Divorce?

Quite simply, it is when both spouses do NOT agree to any terms related to the divorce. Usually, issues with child support, custody and restraining orders play a big part in this. They simply cannot be resolved amicably and both parties are at odds with one another.

To avoid making an ugly situation even worse, you will need the help of a Los Angeles divorce attorney that can successfully help negotiate the terms and issues present, to secure an outcome that is equally favorable. We make it our business to help you and your family gets what they deserve and Balali Law puts family above all else!

What is Uncontested Divorce?

An Uncontested Divorce basically means both spouses are in equal minded terms and agreement. The State of California is seen as a “No Fault” state. The passing of, “irreconcilable differences”, is commonly utilized in court for the judgment process . It is relatively simple and usually works out in everyone’s favor. Each party is in agreement prior to issues such as child support, custody and property.

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