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Motorcycle riding is a growing phenomenon and isn’t going to die down anytime soon. With sales in the millions and counting, the popularity and relative low cost of purchasing a motorcycle, make it a go-to mode of transportation in the hustle and bustle streets of Los Angeles traffic.

Riding a motorcycle is pure adrenaline and an American tradition, but like all good things, it needs to be treated with the proper care and respect to avoid any unsightly and severe motorcycle accident. It’s easy to get lost in the exhaust fumes and push it to the extreme when riding a motorcycle, but keeping yourself in check, is highly recommended and keeping others around you safe are just as important. Injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident are far commonly worse than an auto accident.

What’s a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Simply put, a Los Angeles motorcycle attorney is an attorney that specializes in dealing with motorcycle accident cases and defends the plaintiff party (the victim)involved  in the accident. Our whole goal is to take care of you and provide the proper care you need to recover and the compensation needed for that recovery.

If you’ve ever been in a motorcycle accident, you know the chances of sustaining a severe injury, or deaths are highly immanent. Hitting the pavement while riding a motorcycle will almost always leave you in serious pain and require medical attention to help you recover and save your life!

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When Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Much like driving a car, the feeling of speeding is always present and the desire to go fast on a machine built for speed is very tempting. While it’s perfectly fine to go fast on your motorcycle when the time is right, it is not okay to do so, while in the middle of traffic. Doing so will only increase the risk of a motorcycle accident and the risk of running into other vehicles.

Lane-splitting is a common motorcycle riding technique, which is only legal here in the state of California. You see it all the time, when motorcycle riders come barreling down the freeway lanes in between cars. The experience can be jarring and often times infuriating to some drivers.

That means Los Angeles is a hot bed of motorcycle riders and accidents that may occur between drivers and bike riders. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney understands these issues and can best represent your case.When lane splitting, you must never do so at a high rate of speed, or in a reckless manner. The danger of vehicles moving over into your path, or worse suddenly opening their doors can cause catastrophic harm and death. A Motorcycle accident happens most when other vehicles aren’t aware you’re around, or startled by your sudden appearance.

Here are some common instances of motorcycle accidents:

  • Riding to beat the flow of traffic
  • Reckless lane-splitting through traffic
  • Speeding through traffic to beat the traffic lights
  • Rider Impatience
  • No Signaling
  • Not giving a warning to cars you are passing
  • Not wearing the proper gear, *DOT certified
  • Poor maintenance

Because motorcycles are small in size, their handling at high speeds can be greatly reduced and cause you to lose control completely. The ability to maintain control and be aware of your surroundings is highly important when riding a motorcycle, especially in Los Angeles!

Keep in mind, many drivers can be intimidated by the sudden and loud engine revving, often employed by riders to signal vehicles of there presence. Los Angeles motorcycle accidents have been known to occur due to frightening other drivers who were not expecting the sudden presence of a motorcycle rider in-between their lanes. This is why both riders and drivers need to always be aware of their surroundings and always be prepared.

Here are Some Tips for Safe Riding in Traffic!

Here are five things you can do, to help improve your safety as a motorcycle rider, while in traffic:

  1. Trust in your mirrors, but don’t always rely on them solely. Checking your mirrors can save your life, but the mirrors don’t always allow a full view of your surroundings. You must have situational awareness and always check the lanes around you.


  1. Try NOT to get between an off-ramp and another car. Not tailgating, or following vehicles that are suddenly exiting the    off-ramp, is a good first step. Vehicles that do this have been known to kill many motorcycle riders.


  1. Always make yourself known. Always where the proper gear when riding a motorcycle. This doesn’t mean be Liberace on wheels, but to wear the appropriate gear that is bright enough to alert others of your presence.


  1. When traffic slows, stay to the right or left. If a sticky situation occurs while in traffic, staying to the left, or right of the lanes will provide you an exit plan to avoid an accident.

If you, or someone you know has been the victim of a serious motorcycle accident, contact a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney to learn how you may be entitled to millions in damages. For a FREE consultation, contact the Law Office of Mark Balali Esq., at 310-431-9774 or visit us online and on social media.

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