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Pedestrian accidents and what to do?

Any Pedestrian accidents that involve an automobile or a vehicle of any type, are at a much greater risk of personal injury and fatalities. The injuries sustained from such an impact can be catastrophic in nature and often times result in death. Pedestrians who are hit by vehicles often never see the vehicle coming, or in most instances the driver of the vehicle was never paying attention.

Los Angeles is known for having some of the countries most busiest and sometimes ruthless driving and traffic conditions. Accidents happen all the time and pedestrians who get hit by vehicles are often left to their own devices. A Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney is the best form of defense to protect your rights as a victim and a citizen. Balali Law serves pedestrians injured in accidents and acts as their shield and will fight to win no matter what!

The damages sustained in such an accident is often times more deadly than motorcycle accidents and the losses extend beyond the victim, but also to the victims families. If a death or serious injury is incurred, then past and present medical bills, time off from work and loss of pay will affect both the victim and the victims families.


Unfortunately, many of these types of accidents involving pedestrians are hit & run accidents and leave a wake of pain and turmoil behind for the families of such victims who often die from the injuries sustained.


  • If injured slightly or seriously, seek immediate medical attention from emergency response teams and request an ambulance for transport to a medical facility.
  • Contact the local authorities(police) at the scene of the accident and ensure that they fill out an accident report.
  • If you’re able to without further injury, ask the responsible party for insurance information and take pictures of the vehicle, license plate and damaged areas on the vehicle as well as your own injuries.
  • If you see any witnesses in the area, ask them for their number and if they have taken any photos that you can use.
  • Under no circumstance should you EVER speak to an insurance adjuster/company about your accident. ANY statements you make can and will be used against you by insurance companies to hurt your case and lower the maximum amount of compensation you would be entitled to.
  • Contact an attorney immediately– a personal injury attorney specializes in handling these types of cases and can provide you with the legal representation necessary to gain you the compensation you deserve.


Losing work and your livelihood, just isn’t an option, but contacting a trusted Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney to support you and help get you back on your feet! Balali Law is here to help you regain what you and your family may have lost and all you need do, is make a quick phone call!

Time is of the essence, personal injury cases have a 2 year statute of limitations and up to 6 months for accidents involving the city and city businesses. Don’t wait around hoping for things to get better on there own, contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney at Balali Law. Call now: (310) 431-9774 for a FREE consultation. You can also reach us online, or via social media.

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