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When a real estate dispute occurs, the situation can be quite ugly and often very difficult to comprehend. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, or buyer/seller, you’re going to need help in closing any dispute in a legal and mutually amicable way.

At the Law Office of Mark Balali Esq., an experienced Los Angeles real estate attorney can assist you in getting the results you need. We represent clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area and bring to the table, experience that truly matters and an aggressiveness that gets the job done!

Probate Laws, Bankruptcies & Foreclosures

We have built a solid reputation for our legal services by working closely with our clients and getting to the real heart of the matter. We pride ourselves on finding real solutions to effectively resolve Los Angeles real estate legal issues.

We are very aggressive litigators and our negotiating skills are top notch. When dealing with disputes of this nature, you need an attorney that won’t back down and will work to get the best results possible.

We never back down and we put ourselves in our clients shoes. Disputes are always ugly and when it becomes personal, that’s when rash and bad decisions take place. To avoid making any mistakes that could cost you big, hiring an experienced Los Angeles real estate attorney, is ideal to ensuring you aren’t diving in with concrete boots.

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Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney

Our experience is extensive and our ability to connect with our clients is part of why Mark Balali is a successful Los Angeles real estate attorney. We genuinely love helping people resolve their real estate disputes and providing clear breakdowns of the process, so our clients aren’t left in the dark. Many of the issues commonly associated with real estate law are as follows:

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes – this can include commercial landlords and tenants disputes. Breach of lease agreements is quite common!
  • Evictions / Unlawful Detainers – If you’ve been wrongly evicted, or have property that is being detained illegally, then you need a real estate attorney. We represent both the landlord and tenant in these types of matters.
  • Land Boundary Disputes – We resolve issues with land and the boundaries between owners. This usually turns out to be a dispute amongst neighbors. This may include disputes over tree roots extending into another individuals yard.
  • Sales & Purchase Disputes – breach of contract, buyer and seller conflicts.
  • Partnerships & Co-Owner Disputes – If there is a disagreement pertaining to the usage, transfer, or disposal of any property, then negotiations are needed.
  • Real Estate Transactions & Litigation We cover all Contractors Disputes, Commercial & Residential Purchases/Sales Contracts, Commercial & Residential Lease Disputes, Escrow Disputes, Insurance Disputes, Construction Disputes, Real Estate Fraud, Lis Pendens, Title Disputes and Homeowners Association Disputes.

Contact a Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney NOW and stop fighting battles on your own. You need an attorney with the appropriate skills and experience needed to dispute these cases in your favor. For a FREE consultation contact the Law Office of Mark Balali Esq., at (310) 431-9774, or contact us online and via social media.

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